Father OWEN LEE : in memoriam


Father OWEN LEE is admired by millions around the world for his brilliant intermission commentaries on Opera – in radio broadcasts for the Metropolitan Opera in New York – and for his many decades of knowledgeable and witty appearances on the Texaco Opera Quiz broadcasts.

Among his many books, he is the author of “Wagner: the terrible man and his truthful art.”

On this site you can see   SEVEN YOUTUBE VIDEO INTERVIEWS   with him …

and hear a wide selection of his insightful and illuminating radio broadcasts he made for the Metropolitan Opera Company – and the eleven CDs he made for the Metropolitan Opera Guild.

You will find that I have curated FOUR YOUTUBE AUDIO PLAYLISTS … so that you can explore (some of) his radio broadcast  Commentaries; and (most of) his “Musical and Dramatic Analyses”. The MADAs are divided into three segments: on French Operas; on German Operas; and on Italian Operas. I hope, in time, to be able to provide a complete archive of his radio broadcasts. Please let me know if you have any of the missing broadcasts.

In addition, I have assembled a series of DOCUMENTS about him (including some biographies, his eulogy and several obituaries) …

… and by him (including lists of his published articles and public lectures).

Finally, I have created a brief introduction to each of his 21 BOOKS (on Opera, on Wagner, on Latin poetry, on Quests, on Great Movies, etc).

[for DOCUMENTS and BOOKS please see top menus.]



his audio legacy




Musical and Dramatic Analyses

                       on French Operas

                       on German Operas

                       on Italian Operas