5 summer afternoons on "SHAKESPEARE SCENES IN OPERA" at Classical Pursuits

Five summer afternoon lectures -

3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Monday, 15th  to  Friday, 19th JULY,  2 0 1 9

at  C L A S S I C A L   P U R S U I T S

Victoria College, University of Toronto

$120 by cheque to OPERA IS *


         This year's five afternoon Opera lectures will be ....

          Monday  -  15th July           "The balcony scene from "ROMEO and JULIET" 

                                                            star-crossed lovers in 3 operas 

          Tuesday  -  16th July          "The sleepwalking scene from "MACBETH"

                                                            enter Lady with a taper ...

          Wednesday  -  17th July     "The defence speech from "OTHELLO"

                                                            and how it became the greatest Italian love duet

          Thursday  -  18th July          "The honour monologue from "HENRY IV part 1"

                                                           and other operatic depictions of Falstaff

          Friday  -  19th July               "Prospero's epilogue from "THE TEMPEST"

                                                           and other fairy-filled operas


What is   C L A S S I C A L   P U R S U I T S ?

It is a week-long gathering of people

from all over North-America

who are interested in literature,

music, theatre, architecture, painting -

and especially in ideas.

There are twelve morning discussion seminars,

each exploring one of the

highpoints of western culture.

For more information on

C L A S S I C A L   P U R S U I T S

and for descriptions of each of these 12 fascinating seminars -

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*   People who are enrolled in CLASSICAL PURSUITS' discussion seminars

get my afternoon lectures "free" as part of their package. (cost is $1,520 + HST).


If, however, you wish to attend just this series of lectures,

the course is also offered as a "stand-alone"

OPERA IS course ...

... (please send $120 by cheque to OPERA IS,

6 Blythwood Gardens, M4N 3L3 ...

or $25 per lecture at the door)

or ....

see the Registration tab for on-line enrollment.



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