Our 11th annual LANGDON HALL vocal gathering - with Stephen Ralls, Bruce Ubukata - and some outstanding singers

Langdon Hall has been rated (by Conde Nast magazine) as "the best hotel in Canada".

Registrations for this event are now closed

this year, please join us ...

from after lunch on

SUNDAY,   10th November,   2 0 1 9

TUESDAY,   12th November,   2 0 1 9

(yes ... that will mean that

one of our vocal concerts

will acknowledge a special

"Remembrance Day" theme) 

Note - please book this gathering directly with Iain

- and not through the Hotel.

Registrations for this event are now closed

We are delighted that

everyone's perennial favourites -

the superb grand masters of the piano ...

B R U C E   U B U K A T A   and  S T E P H E N   R A L L S

will join us again this year!

Langdon Hall is one hour west of Toronto, just south of the 401, near Cambridge