Miles Nadal JCC

Five Monday afternoons 

 1:30 p.m.   to   3:30 p.m.

5, 12, 19, 26   NOVEMBER,

and   3 DECEMBER,   2 0 1 8




750 Spadina Avenue, (at Bloor Street)

Toronto, ON  


To register,  please call    L I S A   R O Y    at the JCC  ...  (416) 924-6211 x 0.

For more information, please use this link to e-mail L I S A   R O Y

(Coordinator, Active 55+  : Culture, Education, Community)


Monday 3rd November  -      

                " I T A L I A N    C O M E D I E S "

Monday 12th November  -     

                " F R E N C H    O P E R A   B O U F F E S "

Monday 19th November -      

               " E N G L I S H    S A V O Y    O P E R A S "

Monday 26th NOVEMBER  -     

               " R U S S I A N    C O M I C   O P E R A S "

Monday 3rd December  -  

               " V I E N N E S E    O P E R E T T A S "


Comedy is a challenge. It is much more difficult to pull off successfully than tragedy – both for a composer and for a performer.

It covers a wide-ranging spectrum … from subtle irony or droll parody to full-scale “laugh out loud” guffaws.

Individual tastes – what they think is funny - vary considerably … and this is magnified on macro-social and national scales.

We will explore the contrasting styles of Italian, French, Viennese, English and Russian conceptions of comic and light operas.

And yes, it will be FUN!!!