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1. Are your tours booked through a registered TICO Travel Agent?

Yes – Georgia Hardy Tours

visit their website here

20 Eglinton Ave West #1104

Toronto M4R 1K8

TICO Registration # 2747543   

(416) 483 7533




2. What set of accommodations do you choose?

Our hotels are usually “4 star” – and occasionally “5 star” – and are usually chosen to be within easy walking distance (back from) the opera house.

3. How do you plan your tours?

The design of each tour is usually planned around  specific opera performances, (each of which, in situ, is preceded by a background lecture from Iain).

Our sightseeing often has an operatic  focus – We are “on the trail of Verdi, or Puccini, or Mozart, or Wagner, etc.”

4. How many nights do you usually spend in one location?

Three or four. Each morning, we visit places of operatic interest. Each afternoon is free to shop, see more or just relax. In the evening, if there is a performance, Iain gives a backgrounder lecture over supper beforehand.

5. How do you normally travel between cities?

By luxury highway coach, to ensure luggage on/off is easily handled by hotel porters — and to have an enjoyable lunch in an interesting spot en route.

6. Is Airfare included?

No. Tour costs are “Land Only”. We have found that many, if not most of our clients either fly on points, or are already in the area on private business, or prefer to fly “up front” or …

Our Travel Agent, GEORGIA HARDY TOURS will be very happy to assist you with your “air” needs and wants.

7. What’s it like to travel with Iain and Barbara?

The atmosphere we try to create is that of a group of compatible friends, exploring their common interests.

In addition to opera, these clearly include good food and wine!

8. What is the only thing that you can buy which makes you richer?

Travel with OPERA-IS!


Do you have a tour-related question?    

ask Iain